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The cemeteries in Brisbane are owned and managed by the Brisbane City Council. The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha has a Jewish section at the Toowong Cemetery (now closed) and the Mt Gravatt Cemetery.

Corner of Frederick Street and Mt Coot-tha Road, Toowong. Tel: 07 3407 8128.

582 Mains Road, Macgregor. Tel: 07 3403 7765


Section 4C
This section of the cemetery has been reserved for the Jewish community and is managed by the Brisbane Chevra Kadisha.

Section 4C(ii)
The Brisbane Chevra Kadisha have recently separated section 4C creating a sub-section 4C(ii). The purpose of this new section is to allow the Brisbane Progressive Jewish Congregation (BPJC) jurisdiction and management over burials. For further information about burials in this section, please contact them directly (www.BPJC.org.au).


Grave Records
Unfortunately, not all records are complete because Council only gained full control of Brisbane’s public cemeteries in July 1930. Before that time, a number of trusts established under Queensland law managed these cemeteries.

For more information, phone Brisbane City Cemeteries on 07 3407 8128.

Below you can see a map of the Mt Gravatt Cemetery which marks the Jewish Chapel next to the Jewish section 4C.Facilities_cemeteries_Mt_Gravatt[1]